The challenge is complete!  
And it was HARD . . .


No. 365
and she did it

No. 364
annual shock

No. 363
an early birthday treat

No. 362
one-liner road trip

No. 361
in room 229

No. 360
under pressure

 No. 359
unexpected ending

No. 358
taking her medicine



No. 357
night music

 No. 356
song of herself

 No. 355
wait! she's not not completely brain-dead yet

 No. 354

No. 353
fishing opener...which means we are nearing the end!

No. 352
overdressed owl

No. 351
souvenir from a stroll

 No. 350
just stay out of her way

No. 349
on the nightstand


 No. 348
love note

No. 347
another hotel, another hotel lamp

 No. 346
drop the fork and step away slowly...

No. 345
go ahead...try thinking up 365 drawing ideas

No. 344
a pile of dog park pals

 No. 343
no need to twist her arm

No. 342

 No. 341
a tangle to be sure

 No. 340
wishing for super-human powers

No. 339
 a charmingly fat pencil

 No. 338
ready and waiting

No. 337
ups and downs on the road



No. 336
wishful thinking

No. 335
a shopping bag full might just about do it

No. 334
trying not to look down

No. 333
flowers for you

No. 332
one-liner book



No. 331
lots of brain noise

No. 330
feeling a bit squashed by the thumb of life

No. 329
wondering how it will all shake out

No. 328
grrrr to missing pieces

No. 327
a night only Auntie Em could love



No. 326
she wished she could sing in full color


No. 325
sometimes the ball looked suspiciously house-shaped

No. 324
tweet.  that's all she could think of  to say

No. 323
she felt sure that there must have been a more direct route

No. 322
the whole thing seemed a bit ridiculous




 No. 321

No. 320
both self-explanatory and delicious

 No. 319
bright green spring

No. 318
more tools of her current trade

No. 317
keeping a smile handy

No. 316
and her bird can sing

 No. 315
more tools of her current trade

No. 314
a book so real it bleeds

No. 313
one-liner porcupine

No. 312
a day so perfect she'd like to pluck it from the tree

 No. 311
wishing to see ahead just a bit

No. 310
almost-April showers

 No. 309
a distinct lack of serenity

No. 308
more pottery love -- Jonathan Adler sun


No. 307
pottery love -- Jonathan Adler vase